During the epidemic, I will provide you with a central air conditioner that can sterilize

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How to choose the air purification module of the central air conditioner? How does it work?
The outbreak of the epidemic makes people pay more and more attention to indoor air quality.

I will provide you with a central air conditioner that can sterilize.
Indoor air pollutants mainly include PM2.5, harmful gases, mold, etc. These are all Yin Susu that is harmful to human health.
So, what are the technical means and methods of air filtration, purification, and disinfection of a central air conditioner, which is a circulating machine of air circulation on large occasions? What is the principle of sterilization?

Air conditioning unit
Air conditioning unit

I. Media filtration:
Bacteria are mainly attached to particles in the air, and filter materials can catch particles in the air and microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses through screening, inertial collision, and an interception.

2, Electrostatic purification and filtration.
When the gas containing dust particles in the air is purified, the high-voltage electric field gas will be quickly electrolyzed and separated between the high-voltage anode line and the cathode plate of the grounding line. According to the principle of positive and negative attraction, the positively charged particles collide with the cathode plate and are adsorbed and precipitated under the strong electric field force.
In this process, there is a slight potential difference between the cell nucleus and the cell membrane of bacteria, so it will be killed by high voltage and instantly released energy, losing its biological activity and being completely destroyed, thus achieving the purpose of dust removal and sterilization.
The purification efficiency of PM2.5 is more than 90%, and the purification efficiency of microorganisms in one pass is more than 90%.

3, Photocatalyst purification
Principle Nano-photocatalyst is excited to generate electron holes under UVC irradiation. After the electron holes interact with the surrounding water and oxygen, it has a strong redox capacity, which can directly decompose VOC in the air into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide and destroy the cell walls of cells.
It breaks or undergoes photochemical reactions and loses its reproductive capacity, resulting in cell death, thus achieving the purpose of sterilization and air pollution elimination. Harmful substances are completely decomposed, and the sterilization efficiency can reach more than 99% in 2 hours after detection.
Then the above three filtration methods can achieve the purpose of purifying indoor air during the epidemic.

So which of these three disinfection methods is most suitable for you?
Recommended for household equipment: media filtration
Dust-free place recommendation: electrostatic filtration
Recommended in hospitals and other sterile places: photocatalyst filtration.

Can the fan controller control multiple machines at the same time?
You can’t.
The power of the fan coil controller is only 1 amp, and its power is too small, so one controller can only control one fan coil.
If the same controller is used to control multiple fan coils, what abnormalities will occur?

  1. The fan coil motor is burnt down.
  2. The fan coil controller is burnt down.
    Is the fan coil unit equipped with only one motor for each machine?
    Actually, some fan coil units will be equipped with two or even three motors to drive the work.
    The motor of the fan coil unit is the only moving part of the whole machine and the only driving component of the fan coil unit.
    The function of the fan coil motor: the motor drives the fan to rotate, forcing indoor air to blow to the heat exchanger inside the fan coil through the fan.
    After the cold heat of the air is exchanged with the heat exchanger, it provides cold or heats to the room, so as to control the room temperature.

Basic types and parameter configuration of fan coil motor.
The fan coil motor is divided into the single-axis motor and the double-axis motor.
As shown in the figure below, the main difference between the appearance of a single-axis motor and a double-axis motor lies in the transmission bearing structure.
Single-shaft motor: one side transmission shaft
Double-shaft motor: transmission shafts on both sides.
Single-shaft motor model: YDK
Twin-shaft motor model: YSK
Asynchronous motor operated by a capacitor for YSK-30 air conditioner fan
220V 50Hz 30W 0.445A

The above nameplate has the following meanings:
Two-axis motor power is 30W, 220V 50Hz, 0.445A, 4P represents four-pole motor;
In the wiring diagram of the motor nameplate, yellow is first connected to the zero line, red, blue, and black respectively connected to the high, middle, and low gear three-speed wind speed switch.

In general, a double-shaft motor is used for a long time, with a total length of 470mm and a center height of 95mm (the so-called center height is the distance from the axis position of the transmission shaft to the bottom height of the motor).
There are four mounting screw holes at the bottom of the motor, and the spacing between the four mounting screw holes is 75*100mm.
All the above dimensions are standard installation dimensions. Therefore, the fan coil motor can be purchased, replaced, and installed by itself if it has problems in later years.

Pay attention to an important factor before purchasing: the size of the shaft diameter.
Fan coil shaft diameter is divided into two specifications, 12mm and 14mm respectively.
Therefore, before purchasing, you need to know the shaft diameter of the fan coil unit you purchased, so as to prevent the wrong purchase.

Wiring method of a liquid crystal temperature controller and electric two-way valve fan coil
The whole wiring process of fan coil and electric two-way valve liquid crystal temperature controller.
Work steps:
I. Wiring of Fan Coil Unit:

  1. Open the junction box of the fan coil unit, and find four connections of Huang Honglan Black;
    Yellow: zero line
    Red, blue, and black three wires: high, medium, and low three-speed wiring.
    That is, the fan coil unit has three wires: high-speed air volume, medium-speed air volume, and low-speed air volume.
  2. As can be seen in the figure, there are five groups of fan coil terminals. The first group is connected with yellow wires, the second group is not connected, the third group is connected with red wires, the fourth group is connected with blue wires, and the fifth group is connected with black wires.
    Second, the electric two-way valve wiring:
  3. Install metal soft connection: the electric two-way valve is connected with the fan coil, and all the metal soft connection screws need to be wound with raw tape to prevent water leakage.
  4. The metal pipe wall of the electric two-way valve is marked with the direction of water flow. Pay attention to connecting the interface direction of the electric two-way valve, and don’t connect it backward.
    III. Wiring of LCD thermostat:
  5. Connect the fan coil unit and the power supply of the electric two-way valve to the power supply of the liquid crystal thermostat.
  6. The red, yellow, blue, and black fan coil units are connected to high speed, medium speed, and low speed respectively, and connected in three gears;
  7. The blue line and brown line of the electric two-way valve are connected to the valve opening and closing respectively.
  8. The double yellow line of the electric two-way valve and the yellow line of the fan coil is connected to the zero line at the ceiling of the room, not directly connected to the thermostat.
  9. The live wire of the power supply is connected to the live wire terminal of the thermostat.

How does the fan coil cool and heat? Does the thermostat have a cooling and heating mode?
Fan coil can neither cool nor heat.
The fan itself does not have a cold source or a heat source, and its product performance parameters are cooling capacity and heating capacity, which is a transmission conductor to provide cold and heat for indoor space.
The cooling capacity and heating capacity of the fan coil depend on its material quality.
A fan coil consists of a fan and coil.
The fan is mainly responsible for indoor air circulation;
The coil is mainly responsible for the circulation of cold water and hot water;
The hot and cold water in the coil (copper pipe) circulates continuously, and the cold heat of the circulating water is continuously transferred to the room through the copper pipe with a wall thickness of only 0.25mm.
Fan part: the motor drives the turbine to rotate, blowing the cold/heat of the circulating water brought by the copper pipe out of the coil structure into the room, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing with the indoor air to balance the indoor temperature.
What is the hot and cold water source of the fan coil?
Series hosts such as air source heat pump.
The hot and cold water of the fan coil is provided by the host.
The cold and hot water provided by the host is transported to the copper pipe of the fan coil through the pipeline, and the cold and hot water is supplied to the room.
When the fan coil is used for cooling, the normal working temperature of water flow at the inlet is 7 -12 degrees, and the temperature at the outlet is increased by 3-5 degrees.
It can be understood as follows: the water temperature at the water inlet is about 7 degrees, circulating once in the coil to take away part of the indoor temperature, and the water temperature rises to about 12 degrees and flows away from the water outlet. Go back to the main engine and continue to cool. So reciprocating.

Early winter is coming, epidemic+smog? How to improve indoor air quality?
Early winter is coming, epidemic+smog, how should we improve indoor air quality?
The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to introduce fresh air into the room and increase the indoor fresh air volume.
In daily life, the simplest and quickest way to add fresh air is to open windows for ventilation. However, window ventilation will be greatly affected by the apartment type and outdoor environment.
If the design window of the house type is small, even if the window is opened, the air intake is small; Or the local air quality is poor and the haze is heavy, the harmful gas outside will directly enter the room.
This will not only improve the indoor air quality but will backfire.
In addition, the ventilation of windows is greatly restricted by the weather conditions, and windows are cold in winter, hot in summer, and on rainy days.
Besides window ventilation, at present, the auxiliary appliances that can improve indoor air quality mainly include exhaust fans, air purifiers, and fresh fans.

Exhaust fan: Self-built houses in rural areas started to install exhaust fans in the ceiling of living rooms around the 1990s. Nowadays, common high-power exhaust fans mainly appear in hotels. Use an exhaust fan to realize air convection, introduce outdoor fresh air indoors, and exhaust indoor dirty air outdoors. The principle of ventilation is the same as that of the window opening, which replaces indoor and outdoor air, and is greatly influenced by the external environment, and the exhaust fan is noisy;

Air Purifier: In recent years, the air purifier is hot, and it can really purify the indoor air. However, the air purifier repeatedly purifies the indoor air and can’t introduce fresh air, which easily leads to the increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the closed room and the expensive filter material of the air purifier, so the household use costs a lot.

Fresh air blower: The fresh air blower is a widely recognized indoor ventilation scheme, which has the advantages of large inlet air volume and small outlet air temperature difference. Outdoor fresh air passes through the total heat exchanger and enters the room when the temperature is properly raised in winter and lowered in summer. Therefore, it can ensure that indoor air temperature will not fluctuate greatly due to fresh air, realize the energy-saving effect, and is more suitable for home installation and use;

The new fan can not only replace indoor air but also purify outdoor fresh air through the filter. So that the function of fresh air intake and air purification can be met.
The new fan can be used not only at home but also in business, hotels, shopping malls, factories, workshops and so on.


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