Air source heat pump project of pension experience center

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I.Project introduction

Shenyang jianzhu university Pension Experience Testing Center was approved by Liaoning Development and Reform Commission, researched and developed by shenyang jianzhu university Pension Industry Architectural Information Research Institute, provided design guidance by shenyang jianzhu university Architectural Design and Research Institute, and built by Shenyang Fengming Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., which is a demonstration project of nearly zero energy consumption and suitable for the elderly. The building adopts the near-zero energy consumption building technology system independently researched and developed by shenyang jianzhu university, with the energy saving rate of demonstration project being over 95%, and the technical autonomy rate of the building system reaching over 90%, which indicates that the near-zero energy consumption building technology system independently researched and developed by China is maturing day by day, and also indicates that the application of local materials and technologies can fully meet the international leading passive house standards.

.Customer requirements

Heating at room temperature reaches 23 degrees in winter and cooling in summer. Comprehensive energy efficiency ratio above 2.5

Ⅲ. Design scheme

The scheme uses air source heat pump as cold and heat source, with fan coil at the cooling end and geothermal at the heating end.

Four fresh air units are arranged indoors to ensure the oxygen content of fresh air.

The minimum thermal resistance of air-conditioning duct is greater than or equal to 0.81㎡kw.

Ⅳ Indoor environment detection

  • indoor temperature In December, the indoor temperature remained at a high level of about 23℃.
  • Indoor humidity The average indoor humidity is kept at 20% in December

V. Actual use effect

Energy saving and environmental protection

Energy consumption of heating system: the total power consumption of heating system is 600.7kw/h, and the average daily power consumption is 22.25kw h/d


Indoor temperature reaches heating standard, cooling is comfortable, fresh air system is provided, indoor oxygen content is high, and comfort is strong.


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