Air Source Heat Pump Used in Pig Farm

Last Updated on October 23, 2021 by Shawn Lee

In recent years, Yinping Town, Yicheng District, Zaozhuang City has vigorously promoted the revitalization of rural industries, taking the development of green ecological circular agriculture as a breakthrough, and actively explored four circulation modes: “grass-waste-fertilizer”, “pig-biogas-fruit”, “insect-feces-vegetables” and “jujube-plus-tour”. The traditional “resource-product-waste” linear material flow mode, Among them, the ground source heat pump technology and air source heat pump technology bring great convenience to the automatic adjustment of room temperature in the “livestock-biogas-fruit” ecological breeding industrial park.

First, “science and technology”helps traditional farming scale. In Xingrui Ecological Breeding Project, the planned construction area of the farm is 60,000 square meters. After completion, 3,500 sows and 70,000 pigs can be stocked, and the scale of breeding can be realized. Xingrui ecological breeding adopts the most advanced automatic feeding and water supply equipment in China at present, and uses multidisciplinary new technologies such as animal husbandry, energy science and chemistry. Each pig house is equipped with a full-coverage spray disinfection system, which can complete the disinfection work of the whole pig farm by itself; Using ground source heat pump technology and air source heat pump technology, the indoor temperature of breeding area can be automatically controlled; By using the material line system, it is possible to feed automatically at regular intervals and quantitatively. The application of new technical means saves human resources, is conducive to expanding the scale of farming, and greatly improves the output value and profit rate.Inside the pig farm, we use horizontal fan coil units which are easy to install and lie in the ceiling. The ceiling is installed, and the temperature can be adjusted according to the demand at any time.

Second, “science and technology”helps to make aquaculture pollution harmless. In order to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by sewage and feces, the farm plans to build a sewage treatment plant with high standard and high scientific and technological content, which uses a manure separation system to treat sewage and feces immediately. At the same time, it builds an organic fertilizer workshop with an annual output of 3,000 tons. The solid part separated from feces is transported to the organic fertilizer workshop and fermented into organic fertilizer. The liquid part is produced by sealed anaerobic fermentation process to produce liquid fertilizer for organic crop production and biogas for power generation, thus realizing zero pollution.

Third, “science and technology”helps the ecological planting of forest fruits. The second phase of Xingrui Ecological Aquaculture Project is planned to combine the aquaculture industry, and open up 1000 mu planting area around the farm, planting economic crops, fruit trees and seedlings, fungus grass and other organic crops, and developing the forest and fruit economy. When the crops in the planting area need fertilization, the liquid organic fertilizer is mixed with water in proportion through modern equipment, and irrigated into the farmland through the special pipeline of oxidation pond to realize ecological returning to the field. The produced green organic fruit and vegetable crops have no pesticide residue, no excessive chemical fertilizer pollution, good quality and high economic benefit.


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