Three minutes to analyze the importance of air exchanger

air exchanger

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Why does your customer need an air exchanger?

  1. Sterilize and purify to prevent epidemic germs from being carried to your home by you.
  2. Circulate indoor air and replace natural ventilation.
    The air exchanger has low power, saves electricity, can run all year round, and can purify the air in your home in about 3 hours.
  3. My air exchanger discharges these dirty indoor gases. Tobacco smoke or cooking smoke, dust, and allergens. At the same time, it can purify the fresh air introduced into the room, eliminate harmful bacteria and then introduce it into the room.
  4. Eliminate odors (cigarettes, moisture, cooking, etc.) that may be trapped in fabrics (clothes, carpets, sofa cushions, etc.).
  5. I make sure it can achieve ventilation and dehumidification to prevent mold growth. The air exchanger can also prevent condensation water from forming on walls and windows. Many factors can increase the humidity in your home (shower, breath condensation, plants, cooking, etc.).
  6. Energy conservation. Compared with the traditional air exchanger, it has a heat recovery filter, which heats and recovers the air and reduces the energy cost.
  7. Easy installation at home. You don’t need help, I promise you can install it yourself.
  8. The filter element should be replaced every 3-6 months, which is cheap and easy to replace.
    I suggest that not only do your customers need it, but you also need this cost-effective product from Chinese manufacturers. He can definitely meet your need for indoor fresh air.
Working effect diagram of air exchanger
Working effect diagram of air exchanger
Air exchanger
Air exchanger(Click on the product picture to view the information.)

Number1. what benefits does installing an air exchanger in your home bring to you and your family?

  1. The epidemic has invaded the world. I strongly suggest you recommend this product to your customers. In the next few years, the epidemic may be a normal pathogen. Even though it is within the control of human medical treatment, it can still help your favorite family to protect their health. Think about it. When you come home from public places, the germs on your clothes and skin will be brought to your home, living room, and bedroom. The air exchanger can help you eliminate harmful viruses and purify indoor air. I assure you that it must be your security guard, who protects your family and protect you.
  2. In winter and summer, doors and windows are mostly closed for a long time, and indoor toxins and dirty air cannot be discharged, resulting in turbid air repeatedly entering your body. The outdoor air purified by the air exchanger replaces the stagnant air in the room, and the stagnant air is discharged outside and kept indoors at any time.
  3. With the coming of spring, indoor humidity is quite different from outdoor humidity. Using an air exchanger can improve this problem, so as to prevent your skin from being dry in sweet sleep. You can enjoy the fresh air while keeping indoors comfortable and with dry humidity and become beautiful in sleep.
  4. There is a heat exchanger device inside my air exchanger. It can balance indoor temperature, save energy and reduce emissions, keep the indoor temperature constant and reduce indoor temperature loss.
  5. The air exchanger fan coil unit helps you filter allergens and prevent you from being uncomfortable indoors.
You enjoy the fresh air of nature indoors.
You enjoy the fresh air of nature indoors

Number2. I think you must want to know how the air exchanger can protect your health and that of your family.

  1. The air exchanger has two air ducts. One duct discharges the dirty air indoors, and the other duct sends the fresh air outdoors to every corner of the room. In this process, the air exchanger sterilization function section device, through high-temperature sterilization or photocatalyst sterilization and other ways, will clean the indoor air, and ensure that the indoor air you breathe is fresh and healthy.
  2. The air exchanger can exchange air between outdoor and indoor spaces. The air exchanger will supplement the indoor air rich in particles and toxins with natural and fresh outdoor air.
    The high-quality exchanger comes with an air filter to ensure that the air entering your home is free from allergens, dust, or pollutants. Too much dust can lead to asthma, cough, ear, nose, and throat diseases, etc., and keep your body in a sub-health state. So please call on your customers to consider installing an air exchanger at home as soon as possible.
It can help you isolate the dirty outdoor air.
It can help you isolate the dirty outdoor air
Air exchanger
Air exchanger

Number3. the air exchanger has the intelligent adjustment function of cooling and heating.

In addition to the function of air purification, the air exchanger can also achieve the intelligent adjustment function of cooling and heating, which is loved by most families.

Schematic diagram of working principle of air exchanger
Schematic diagram of working principle of air exchanger

Number4. 4 parameters measure the performance of the air exchanger.

When choosing an air conditioner, you should not only refer to the basic parameter configuration of the product but also look at the parameters of the four functions of the air conditioner, so that you can choose a cost-effective machine.

I have my own stable dealer agents in many countries around the world.

As a dealer in a certain region of a country, I believe that a good product will definitely help you bring more stable customers; If you use it yourself, then you will make money.

I believe that this cost-effective machine of mine can certainly help you solve many problems.

Working principle of air exchanger
Working principle of air exchanger
  1. Look at the air volume
    The air volume of fresh air is also the ventilation efficiency. The larger the air volume, the higher the ventilation efficiency. Unlike fresh air fans, which often have an air volume of 200-300, fresh air conditioners generally share a common pipe with air conditioners, and the fresh air volume is below 50. Therefore, fresh air conditioning is suitable for horizontal or small-sized living rooms. Some businesses may confuse the concept of circulating air volume, so you should pay attention to asking about the fresh air volume before buying a new fan.
  2. Look at the filtering
    At first, all new fans didn’t have filters, but now all new fans and fresh air conditioners have filter elements or screens. Used to filter the dust in the outside air, the fresh air conditioner with the filter removed and cleaned is preferred, and the cost of the filter material in the later stage is lower.
  3. Look at temperature compensation
    Different from dispatching fans, fresh air fans and fresh air conditioners have temperature compensation systems. Even if it is very cold outside in winter, you can heat the outdoor cold air to avoid the indoor temperature drop caused by fresh air.
  4. Pay attention to the noise
    Compared with general air conditioners, fresh air conditioners have larger air volume and lower noise, and the control of working noise is more critical.


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