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floor standing fan coil unit

3 rows 24 copper pipes

Only 18.8cm thick thinner than ordinary fan coil units 45-100mm

ABS fan ultra thin horizontal concealed fan coil units running noise is low

It integrates fan coil unit and intake plenum the default mode is with straight intake.


Related Cases

  1. With fan coil units gradually entering people's lives in order to meet people's various needs the types of fan coil units tend to diversify. Some well-decorated buildings or customers who don't want to be renovated again. If you want to install fan coil units it is very convenient to choose this type of universal exposed fan coil units.
    This fan coil can be installed both as floor standing fan coil unit and ceiling suspended fan coil unit. Equivalent to the fan coil unit "wearing" a beautiful dress which can be installed outside the ceiling of interior decoration. The HVAC project can be reconstructed without affecting the indoor environment and the construction is simple and quick.

    Working Principle
    The function of fan coil unit is to cool or heat indoor air or outdoor mixed air through surface cooler and then send it into the room so that the indoor air temperature can be lowered or raised to meet people's comfort requirements. Cold (hot) medium water in the coil pipe is supplied centrally by the machine room.

    Primary filtration filtering impurities in the air
    The motor drives the fan to rotate to absorb indoor mixed air
    Circulate cold/hot water inside the unit
    Heating/cooling the passing air
    Send hot air or cold air into the room
    Product Details

    Advantages of sheet metal shell: The shell sheet metal is all made of flower-free and oil-free hot-dip galvanized sheet which is clean and tidy with high durability.
    Advantages of sheet metal processing technology:

    The perforated parts of sheet metal copper pipes on both sides of the condenser are stretched to protect the copper pipes from being scratched. Stretching technology is added to the installation part of water collecting head to increase the strength of sheet metal and avoid screwing the water collecting head to damage the pipeline during installation.

    The sheet metal shell is painted with high gloss which is beautiful and durable

    Material advantages of condenser The fan coil adopts hydrophilic aluminum foil and pure copper tube the same as those of first-line brands.

    Advantages of condenser processing technology
    Aluminum foil: fully automatic fin grinding tool fin spacing of 2mm.
    Copper pipe: automatic pipe bender to ensure the stability of copper pipe thickness.
    Tube expanding: vertical tube expanding machine can keep the copper thickness unchanged.
    Water collecting head: the waterway is designed according to the national water resistance standard.
    Advantages of fan and motor section

    Fan: galvanized volute with strong corrosion resistance and high stability.

    Jiangsu Liwen Motor is selected for the standard type with thickened shock absorption on both sides and stable operation

    The stiffening process of the motor plate increases the strength of the sheet metal the bending part is stiffened longitudinally and the surrounding reinforcement ribs are added to the motor mounting hole which greatly improves the stability of the motor.
    Advantages of air inlet and outlet:

    The air outlet is made of abs material which is exquisite in appearance windproof and anti-condensation during cooling.

    The filter screen at the air inlet of fan coil is fixed with rotary buckle which is convenient for disassembly and installation during cleaning.


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