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ultra thin fan coil unit

3 rows 24 copper pipes

Only 18.8cm thick thinner than ordinary fan coil units 45-100mm

ABS fan ultra thin horizontal concealed fan coil units running noise is low

It integrates fan coil unit and intake plenum the default mode is with straight intake.


Related Cases

  1. With the coming of "coal to gas coal to electricity" in recent two years and the low heating efficiency of traditional radiators fan coil units have become the mainstream products of terminal equipment. Ultra thin wall mounted fan coil unit has become the most popular model in the trend of "coal to gas and coal to electricity" with its exquisite appearance and ultra thin body design. Ultra thin fan coil unit so that it only needs to occupy a small place in home decoration so that the indoor temperature can reach the ideal which is very suitable for indoor home decoration.
    Ultra thin wall fan coil unit is especially suitable for domestic heating due to its ultra-thin fuselage design novel appearance structure and ultra-low noise standard. Compared with traditional radiator it has higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. It takes a lot of fuel for the radiator to reach the desired comfortable temperature for half an hour to one hour while the fan coil unit needs one third of the radiator fuel which can achieve the desired effect in five to ten minutes.

    Working Princple

    Product Details

    Air outlet ABS injection molding
    Intelligent LCD switch double temperature and double control
    Air inlet ABS injection molding
    primary filtration level
    water inlet and outlet pipe
    Tubular fan
    Wind cutting bar
    Water outlet DN20 female threaded
    Water inlet DN20 female threaded
    Condenser hydrophilic aluminum foil densified fin
    Motor: Plastic-sealed 12W motor ultra-quiet

    Condenser: high density hydrophilic aluminum foil 0.26mm thick pure copper tube

    Controller: double temperature and double control internal relay plus capacitor not easy to damage long service life. The ultra thin fan coil unit can be operated remotely.

    Product features and advantages:
    Unit size

    The shell of height of ultra thin wall mounted fan coil unit is 600mm and the increase of 50mm is to increase the size of bellows reduce the noise caused by wind flowing and make the wind in the bellows position more uniform.

    Advantage of condenser

    Adopted mechanical tube expanding process which sacrifices the length of the copper tube ensures the constant wall thickness of the copper tube and makes the fins and the copper tube closely combined.
    Advantages of tubular fan

    Lengthened fan
    Benefits of long fan:
    Increase air volume.
    The length of fan is the same as that of condenser which makes the air heated evenly.
    Wind cutting bar

    The gap between the wind cutting bar and the fan is very small and the smaller the gap is the smaller the wind noise will be. According to the permanent non-deformation property of the wind cutting bar the clearance between the wind cutting bar and the fan of the ultra thin wall mounted fan coil unit is 3 mm
    Motor and controller

    The motor runs stably and is ultra silent

    Intelligent LCD switch ultra thin wall mounted fan coil unit dual temperature and dual control all internal electrical components adopt Qiming electrical components which is very durable.


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